Becoming a Member

Membership Opportunities:

  • Hiring: Learn how to attract and retain younger employees and boost productivity of multigenerational teams. Get rid of misperceptions and stereotypes.
  • Selling: Learn how to sell to someone 4 generations younger or older than you
  • M&A: Selling your business or creating an exit strategy
  • Transferring vital knowledge from older workers/owners to younger ones while allowing an infusion of fresh perspective from younger generations
  • Joining the Family Business: Learn to have healthy discussions regarding your children joining the family business and learn from other Proforma owners who have experienced the same situation.   

Membership Benefits:

  • As a member of the NEXT Proforma Under 40 group you have many opportunities that are often not afforded to individuals within this very exciting and very powerful industry. Individuals of this exclusive group:
    • Work closely with company leadership to create unique experiences for young professionals to help accelerate their business success and provide overall insight into ways to continue to expand the competitive advantage of all Proforma Entrepreneurs and Sales Reps and capitalize on business opportunities.
    • Have opportunities to support each other’s growth through forum groups as well as to participate in NEXT Proforma Under 40 events.