The Next Generation of Proforma Owners

NEXT Proforma Under 40 started with an idea to bring together young entrepreneurs or business-minded people to help expand awareness of the opportunities for young professionals in printing, promotional products and packaging distribution. By bringing together the younger generation of Proforma Owners, we can collaborate, network and discuss ideas and solutions to benefit the entire Proforma Family. 

To help create a path into the printing, promotional and packaging industry for young business-minded individuals and/or young entrepreneurs.

To help educate the next generation about our exciting industry.

To provide opportunities for our NEXT Proforma Under 40 members to network together, learn together, share together and have fun together.

In order to be a member of NEXT Proforma Under 40, you need to be 40 years of age or younger and be the sole owner or majority owner of your company or have the consent of the majority owner. For more information, view the Membership page.